Toys are the one thing on planet Earth that we all have to agree on. In my home fun is not negotiable. One of the things that I have told my 8 year old son Zach. 

One of the rules of our house is. You have to have a lot of fun. So we seek it out. So when I started Venus Fly Shop. I said well what am I going to talk about. 

One of the things that I had to share with my podcast listeners and site visitors is without a doubt TOYS! 

Here are a few of our Favorites Toy Picks for year. But also some of our Gift Giving Ideas! 

What an exciting time of the year it is for the kiddies. But also for the Grown ups! Shhh. 

Don 't tell anyone :) 

Like this Robotics Smart Machine Coding toy for children. I have this on my to get list. I mean our to get list. Ha ha! 

I will do a review on it and tell you what I think of it. I mean what my son thinks of it. Cough... 

Anyway. This so cool Coding Hoverbot looks like it makes learning really fun. It is on sale. The regular price is $134. 

But it is being sold through Amazon prime for $99. 

This Jetson 's LED Jupiter Scooter is sure to make some kids day! Or night. It is priced at $30 

Jetsons LED Jupiter Scooter.jpg