The Ultimate Health and Wellness Products that WORK


As a Father, Veteran of the United States Army , and person diagnosed with High cholesterol and High Blood sugar 14 years ago at the age of 29. 

Not to mention a person who remembers visiting this Grandmother who had her legs amputated from complications of diabetes. 

I know exactly what it means to be serious about Health and Wellness

I have been in this battle for my life for a long time. I have learned that there are no easy ways out. 

We have to be focused, engaged, and all in on staying healthy and getting healthy! 

While there are no easy ways out. I tell you. We do have some great things on our side in the year 2020!

Technology, Research, Supplements, and Information are at their best in human history I would assume. 

But with so many things out there. What do we do? What do we use? Where do we start?

The Venus Fly Shop team is here to help you with that. 

We are sharing the things that we do to stay and get healthy. Lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, while looking and feeling our best! 

I will be sharing with you my reviews of the top Health and Wellness products on the market. As well as products that you may of never heard of that are better than the rest!

These products are products that 

  • WORK

  • SAFE 


  • As NATURAL as Possible

These are my personal preferences. No fluff products. It has to be as natural as possible. I have to feel good about using it. 

Ultimately it is up to you what you choose to partake in. But I am here to be a guide and information carrier. 

The Main areas of Health, Wellness, and Supplements that I will be hitting on are. 

  • How to Better Your Diet

  • How to Reduce Stress

  • How to Better your Sleep

  • How to Get the Best Exercise

  • How to fight Viruses 

  • How to Lose Weight 

  • How to Improve Protein Intake

  • How to Improve Fiber Intake 

  • Best Vitamins

  • Best Supplements

  • Green Tea

  • Men 's Sexual Health

  • Erectile Dysfunction Prevention and Solutions 

  • The Importance of Building Muscle