Shop From Home Like a Queen & King 

We are here to help you Shop from Home on your Queen and King status. We know that your princes and princess await. As spouses, lovers, singles and parents. 

We are in the middle of major shopping trends never seen before. Shopping online and grocery shopping online and having goods delivered to the home is at an all time high. 

Amazon and Walmart being major players. People are also cooking from home more than ever. So just how does all of this work? 

What are the insides and outs of shopping from home? How can I save the most money and get the best quality? 

We will help you figure that out. 

We are in charge of making sure that our homes are fun, efficient, healthy, and clean. Despite our long work days, stressful life events, and unforeseen happenings. 

So we here at Venus Fly Shop have put together some aids to help you shop from home like the Royalty that you are! 

Coming Soon: 

Shopping Guides From Top Stores like





Home Depot




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