50% Off Everything Banana Republic: 2% Cash Back

Limited Time get 50% off of Everything Banana Republic! Shop with us and get 2% cash back in addition. So you can 't lose! https://www.shop.com

This Slim Italian Plaid Suit Jacket is so nice! Regular price $298 on sale for $237 . But that is not all. They put the 50% off on top of that.

You can leave out with that outfit for $118.99 after saving $179.

I am loving it!

Why is the Price So Low?

I read earlier in the year when many places in America was shutdown because of the pandemic. Many stores had a bunch of inventory that they needed to get rid of. So there were sales everywhere I looked. Retail stores were trying to get as much back as they could for the product that they purchased and could not sale.

Because they were not open or the customers where not in a big shopping mood. So much of the Spring product had to moved out for the Summer product at a loss to the company. So it looks like companies like Banana Republic are clearing out for the Fall product.

I hope you enjoy this super awesome sale.

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