Amazon Prime Day Details and Rakuten Cash Back Sign Up Bonus

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Sign up for Amazon Prime Day Here!

Stay Tuned to this blog Post for updated Product Sale discount up to the minute on Amazon Prime Days October 13th and 14th.

Today we will be sharing with you Two Great ways to save a lot of money over the next week. 

Saving at places like, 

Macy's, Godaddy, Asics, Champs, Hello Fresh, CVS, GAP, Finish Line, Michael Kors, TGI Fridays, Bass Pro Shop, Calvin Klein, and Pet Smart, 


My New Asic Gel walking shoes. I got Rakuten Cash Back for the shopping that I had to do anyway!

Stay tuned to find out how to get $40 off at these stores with my Rakuten Cash Back Referral

No hoops to jump through. Don 't you just hate that? Be straightforward with me. Don 't waste my time. Do what you said you would do! Right? 

 I am so excited about this opportunity to save. Because I have been using it and saving. I have saved $20 already with it in limited shopping in about 10 days. Now I am sharing it with you! So stay tuned. It will be in the next 5 minutes after I share with you about Amazon Prime Day. 

Or just go to Venus Fly to the Blog Page right now and look for my Rakuten Referral Link on the Blog named Amazon Prime Day Sign up or the Rakuten Cash Back Blog! 

Macy 's Sale: Get 40% off coats and an extra 25% off . Plus 8% cash back with the Rakuten Browser extension.

Amazon is doing consumers and Small Businesses a solid. I am loving this. Here is how you can take advantage of this Shopping Opportunity from the Online Retail Giant. 

It is called Amazon Prime Day

So in order to take full advantage of it you must be an Amazon Prime Member 

Sign up for Amazon Prime if you have not already. 

You can go to my Website Venus Fly

Go to the Blog Page and I and check out the blog on  Amazon Prime Day Sign Up & Deals. 

I will be posting all of the great deals that I see on both days as well. 

If you sign up through my link I will get a commission so I really appreciate that. Thank you very much. 

But also if you already have Amazon Prime and shop through my links. It is exactly as if you went straight to Amazon to shop. Except you will be helping me out . Amazon gives me a commission without adding anything extra to your pricing and benefits etc. 

Again thank you very much! 

But also I will leave a link to how you can Help out Small Businesses that have been hurt so bad this year through all of the complications of the pandemic. 

It is really cool because basically you can help out Small Business at no cost to you. If you Spend $10 by October 12th. Now that is important. You have up to Monday at 11:59 pm ET. To shop at a Small Business on Amazon. 

Click Here to see the Amazon Small Business Categories

They are listed on the Blog page on Venus Fly . The blog entry is named  Amazon Prime Day Sign Up & Deals

Amazon will give you a $10 credit to use on Amazon Prime Day which is October 13th and 14th.

Spend $10 and you Get $10 . I like that! 

Now let 's go even deeper into the Savings and Shopping Ocean. 

I am preparing a deep dive on an awesome shopping tool that I will release on Monday. Just in time for the great deals that should be this week. 

As other retailers across the web are likely going to be in a Sales War against Amazon. And you know what that means? We win!!! 

Sales should be everywhere. 

So if you are shopping online. I advise you to do with Rakuten Browser Add on.

Everywhere you go online. The Browser Extension will tell you how it can save you money And/Or Give you Cash back. 

  • You Get $10 for using Rakuten for the first time within 90 days. With a qualifying purchase of over $25 

  • First time Rakuten Users get $30 off for using my Referral link 

  • Plus you get Super Powerful Cash Back

  • Super Awesome Discounts

From Places Like   Macy's, Godaddy, Asics, Champs, Hello Fresh, CVS, GAP, Finish Line, Michael Kors, TGI Fridays, Bass Pro Shop, Calvin Klien, and Pet Smart,    Enjoy, I will be back with more on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and Happppy Shopping Venus Fly Shoppers!!! 

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