CVS Pharmacy Spend $35 on select skin care, and get $15 ExtraBucks Rakuten Rewards Wow!!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Do you use the Rakuten Cash Back Rewards browser extension? If so, you qualify for some great online coupons. Some of which may qualify for pickup at your local CVS as well. If you are not familiar with how this all works. You can take a look at my Rakuten Cash Back Rewards Review here.

So what is the reward? When you spend $35 on select skin care products you will get $15 of Extrabucks added to your Rakuten account. You can later redeem these bucks for in a check from Rakuten.

This deal is good until October 28th! Enjoy.

Sign up for Rakuten Rewards and Get substantial Cash Back for over 2500 of your favorite stores like CVS!

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