Cyber Week Best Deals: Bass Pro Shop the Gap and More

It has been a tough year for many in way or another. We are glad that you have made it through this far. Take a deep breath. We are almost through 2020. Although we might not be as cheer as we are normally in the Holiday season.

I sure hope that we are thankful. I know that we are. To quote the head infectious disease official Dr. Fauci. There is light at the end of the tunnel as several Corona Vaccines are coming on line.

The economy is chugging back despite the massive impact on business and small business specifically.

There has been a hardy appetite to shop this year for millions of Americans. Retailers have been lowering their prices throughout the entire pandemic. As September and October came in these sales grew in intensity and depth.

With Amazon Prime day in mid October. It was an overwhelming success for Amazon. As Online consumers gladly took advantage of the deals giving. This was surely a look into what was to come for the 2020 Christmas shopping season.

As Online sales broke records in sales as it does every year. But a bit surprising to me that shoppers were so aggressive in buying. Which is a great thing for everyone. It helps us to get back financially in such a unpredictable year time.

Well it is Cyber Week. Where did the year go? It is almost Christmas.

What are you shopping for this year? I know my shopping habits have changed a little. Many people are shopping for health and wellness equipment that they can use outside or at home.

Great investment!

We will continue to track and post the best sales, deals and products throughout this Holiday shopping season.

Cheers and much love to you and yours.

Yours Truly, Cedric VFS

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