How To Watch Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction

Hello this is Cedric and Zach from the Venus Fly Shop. We are sharing with you a super cool event that is happening on the Winter Solstice

December 21,2020

Hey Zach, what is this called?

Zach: It is called the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction.

I am excited about the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction because they are going to be really close together in the night sky.

Plus, some are calling it the Christmas Star

Cedric: We are amateur Astronomers who love to stargaze

But why is this Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn so important?

Zach: Hey kids and listeners. This is so cool and so important that we catch this conjunction because. It has not happened since 1226 AD.

That is why this is being called the Great Conjunction

Cedric: Wow

Zach: And it will not happen again until the year 2400

Cedric: So let 's break this down as simply as possible. We will be reading from an article that gives you a more precise explanation as well.

Many of us have heard the phrase. The planets must be aligned... Well that is simply what a Conjunction is. Well kind of.

Hey Zach, How many years does it take Jupiter to Orbit the Sun?

Zach: 12

How many years does it take Saturn to orbit the Sun?

Zach: 29 Years

Cedric: So we are talking about a few things.

Our Perspective from Earth, How things Appear to us, Probability of Jupiter and Saturn being so close in our night sky.

This Conjunction happens every 20 years. But... NEVER this close.

So Imagine Jupiter going around the Sun every 12 years. And Saturn going around the Sun every 29 years. They are going to eventually line up according to the their paths around the Sun.

Kind of like you had two friends Riding their bike around a track at different Speeds.

The Slower Friend would be Saturn. The Faster friend would be Jupiter. Saturn goes around the Sun in 29 Years. Jupiter goes around the Sun in 12 Years.

Your friend representing Jupiter would be riding their Bike around the Track at let's say 15 miles Per hour. Not to Scale....

Your other friend representing Saturn would be Riding their Bike around the Track at 8 mile Per Hour in the same direction.

Eventually, they are going to cross paths and be perfectly aligned in relation to you.

Now Imagine that you representing the Earth are riding your bike on the Track going 50 Miles per hour. It takes Earth 365 days to Orbit the Sun. We go around much faster than Jupiter and Saturn.

Because we are much closer to the Sun than those planets.

A Conjunction is when we from Earth see Jupiter and Saturn in a Straight Line in relation to us. It will be another 300 years in the year 2400 before both planets are as close as they are now in a Conjunction.

Even though the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction happens every 20 years.

Hey Zach, what is a Conjunction anyway?

Zach: In astronomy, a conjunction occurs when two astronomical objects or spacecraft have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptic longitude, usually as observed from Earth.

Cedric: So let 's go to and find out more.

Find the perfect Telescope for your viewing

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