New Motives Liquid Lipstick: Woe That 's Beautiful

When I first saw the Motives Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick I said, " Woe that is Beautiful!

These lipsticks come in 12 yummy shades. I just love the names.

  1. Bashful

  2. Sweets

  3. Pucker Up

  4. Gimme More

  5. My Type

  6. Bad at Love

  7. Candy Apple

  8. Stupid Love

Here take a look at it yourself here.

If you like what you see. Give Motives Cosmetics a try! I think you will absolutely love it. My name is Cedric by the way. I have been watching the Motives Cosmetics Line for 18 years now. It has grown so much under Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony.

They always stay on top of the beauty game. Have fun. Use my Code 10OFFMA as a thank you for 10% off your order.

Thank you for your business. Come back and tell me how you like it. Peace!

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