Sugar and Spice: My Eharmony Online Dating Review

Hello and how are you doing out there in the dating world. This is Cedric with the Venus Fly Shop podcast. Giving you an in depth review of the Eharmony dating site.

I am so excited to be stepping out there a little bit. In a lot of ways this year.

This is a pro tip for life. Change it up a little bit. Add some sugar and spice to your life. Try something new. Challenge yourself. It is so fun and you learn so much. But also you add on valuable skills that you would never have.

Opening doors to places that you never thought would open.

So what does this have to do with dating?

Everything of course. Ok here is what is going on. This is why I say this about dating in my case. I have been married for 10 years. 10 longgg years. I guess you get it. It has been a huge drag.

My relationship with my wife is everything that it should not be. So I am separating from her again in a few days. I am so excited. Actually I asked her to come back to live with me a few months ago not because I wanted to try again.

But only because I wanted to spend more time with more son. That was a big mistake. I mean she made it that way. I would do it again. But she made things so undoable. I told her she has to leave.

So I am back out there again. I am really busy with life and business. So finding time to date is not very easy. With Corona and all limiting human contact. I cooled on the dating scene earlier this year.

Got busy and started working more. Now I am in the mood to get what I really want out of life. No more settling. No more games. No more Mr. nice guy. Lol!!! Just joking about the last one.

It is interesting. I am not bitter about my experience with a toxic and selfish person and all that came from it. I am better!

The temptation is to get bitter. Yes indeed. But I choose to be much better. So I am trying the dating scene again.

I am a little scare. A lot excited. Well that is my story. What is yours?

Have you ever tried Eharmony before? I plan to start next week. What should I expect?

Thanks if you have any input or advice. Until next time. Have a great day! Keep dreaming. Keep believing. Have fun!

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