The Incredible Rakuten Cash Back Program in Depth Review

Rakuten is a splendid oasis of cash back shopping , savings and deals. But also an ocean of deep joy and ecstatic emotions as you see your checkout amount go down and your cashback quickly go up. 

I went from slightly annoyed to this. Wow? What? I have $20 cash back already. It actually is a great incentive to shop. So let me quickly explain the whole process.  Then get to the good stuff. 

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In Two steps you can be saving with Rakuten

#1 Sign up for Rakuten by giving your email address

#2 Download the Browser extension from Rakuten 

#3 Shop as you would regularly shop. Rakuten will alert you of saving and/or Cash back and automatically apply it to your Shopping cart. You have the option to say yes or no to the savings before checking out. 

  Once you download the Rakuten Browser Extension you are all set up. This process takes maybe about 3 minutes. Mostly the download of the browser is most of the time spent. 

Now you will notice that whenever you are casually browsing online a Rakuten pop up will quietly alert you. Hey you can get this much cash back on this page. 

This is really useful if you are not casually browsing online. But actually intently looking for deals and savings. 

The pop up for some people can be a bit annoying. But I would say that I overcame that really quickly. Once I saw how much the cash back is. 

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HUGE Cash Back Benefits 

Ok let 's face it. That is what we are in this for. We are in it for the money. We are trying to save as much of it as we can and make some as well. Frankly I do not see how they do it. 

The money is CRAZY STUPID. But that is for Rakuten and the awesome popular brands that they work with. Of course they have their margins are nicely figured out as they bring in millions and Billions of years. 

So who am I to be mad at them for giving me mad Cash Back and Savings? I love it times 100. 

Of course the competition for customers is so intense. So both parties Rakuten and the Retailers that they work with have an agreement. Giving us cash back is well worth it.

What Stores Can I Get Cash Back From?

Macy's, Lenscrafters, Petsmart, Nordin VPN, The Gap, The Body Shop and much more! 

On the Left side of your account page when you sign up. You will see all of the Categories. So you decide what you are interested in and click. Whether it is Electronics, Home, Fashion, Mens , Women's, Children, Business, or what have you. 

There are 12 major Categories and a few more sub categories under those categories. So you are most definitely fully covered. This is great if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for just yet. 

But wanted to find a certain product. But where do I start? Going to the Rakuten Store category section will help you narrow down the stores that will carry the products that you are searching for. 

Then you can see the corresponding Cash Back that goes along with shopping at that store specifically. 


If you do not want to shop by category and have a favorite store already in mind. The See All Stores feature is just splendid. From here you can find your Favorite store or Targeted store by using the Rakuten ABC order listings. 

You will also quickly see the amount of Cash Back that store is offering just as if you used the Category list. 

Double Cash Back Stores

Rakuten has a list of Double Cash Back Stores if you are looking to really bring home the bag. No pun intended. Ok, yes it was. 

But wow this is so exciting.  You can get Double Cash back from places like Adidas, Dell Outlet, Overstock, Banana Republic, Petco, Zagg, and Homesick. 

Rakuten Shares Online Deals

Another super awesome thing about your Rakuten account is. They share deals from across the web that are so sultry. Yummy yummy yummy. Rakuten saves us time by listing these things for our shopping delight. 

You will find these Online deals on every page that you turn too almost. It is nice to be updated on how to save on top of gaining cash back for shopping. When I opened up the page I saw on top that Macy 's was offering 30% off plus 4% cash back. 

On the Online Deals page I now see that Nasty Gal is having a 50% off sale. Too awesome! 

Hot Deals Page 

Similar to the Online deals page is the Hot Deals page. But the Hot Deals page is more openly expressive and to the point about what companies are having sales and how much cash back you will acquire by shopping there. 

On this page Rakuten gives details on great options like Shop online Pick up in Store. Click on the link and you go to a page where they show the stores that you can actively buy online and pick up the item in store. Whether it may be a quicker option for you or just a better option. That is really nice. 

There are still other stores that are offering Free Shipping. Click on the link and find those stores quickly. Lastly under the Hot Deals Page there are places where you can get Cash back for buying Gift Cards and BOGO sales. 

I am going to be saving a lot of money with Rakuten this shopping season. I tell you that. 

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