Valentines Pick Up Buys For Him and Hers

I have assembled some great gift ideas for him, her and you. In our Valentines Ick Up Buys For Him Hers.

First off ladies I have to say. I am giving you some of best suggestions. But you might being a little selfish with this one. Because your man is going to love this. But also you are going to love it more.

Just make sure that he only wears this when he is with you. Marc Jacobs cologne!!!

The guys are often forgotten on Valentines day. So there you have it! :)

First off for the ladies is a body lotion that seems oh so exquisite. We are going to ease into this. Saving the best gifts for last.

Guys this is a great to buy your lady. But make sure you add something with it. This is not the kind of gift you want to give alone.

If you want to go the extra mile. Make a nice gift basket for her. This body lotion would be great to add in a basket with other nice things on this page. Or anything you would like to add into that basket!

You got it! The thought that you put in is priceless.

Avon Senses Cozy Vanilla & Coconut Body Lotion

Vanilla and Coconut coming together as a great team especially for the winter. It sounds cozy indeed. Hold up, wait a minute. Hey it 's Valentines day yall.

Apart of the Avon Senses collection. They have a new formulation. So if you tried their products before like I have and liked it. Or loved it. Because some of their products I liked and some I loved.

It is worth trying them again! I have not tried this product as of yet.

Mary Kay Day and Night Valentines Look

Mary Kay has come out with a very affordable look to help you ladies out with at least some starter ideas for your Valentines day fun.

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