6 Pairs Mens Cotton Classic Sports Socks 11-14 Uk

6 Pairs Mens Cotton Classic Sports Socks 11-14 Uk

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Big Foot Classic Sport Socks

Whether for playing sports or a regular everyday socks, these classic sport socks will guarantee to keep feet comfortable and supported. These socks are cotton rich, meaning they will surround your feet in natural softness so that you will be comfortable throughout the day. Having a high cotton content, these socks will control temperature, making sure that your feet stay cool whether during activity or during the summer time.

These socks have the classic sporty look to them, with a cushioned sole for the foot and a secure ribbed leg. The cushioning in the sole makes sure that your feet are supported with a soft padding at all times while you run around playing sports. The ribbed leg will keep the socks in place while you're running around.

These socks are available in one big foot size of 11-13.5 UK / 12-14.5 us / 46-48 eur. There is 3 colour variations to choose from; black, white and black / navy / grey.

Extra Product Details

- 6 pack
- Big foot 11-13.5 uk
- Cushioned foot
- Ribbed leg
- 3 Colours
- Classic sport design