Mens Fleece Lined Thermal Beanie Hat

Mens Fleece Lined Thermal Beanie Hat

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Chunky Ribbed Knit Winter Hat

This chunky ribbed hat is knitted in an attractive, soft ribbed beanie hat, incorporating the newest of heat holders technology: the heatweaver.

This thermal lining is a luxurious, plush fur-like insulating fabric, that maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin of the wearer. It also has a lovely feel to it of soft and silky material, it's a bliss to pull on when the weather turns colder. Available in a range of great colours this thermal hat is the perfect choice for anyone.

Product Details

- Chunky, warm and soft.
- Range of colours available.
- Twist colour design.
- Heat Weaving Lining.
- 3.4 TOG rating.
- Heat Holders Yarn.
- Best Selling Brand.

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