Wonderful World of Amazon

Welcome to the Venus Fly Shop Wonderful world of Amazon. Amazon is not just the largest online retailer in the world. But it is also one of my favorite places to shop. I shop for all kinds of things on Amazon.

I shop for my son 's toys, personal care items, drones, electronics, tv's, music and much more. I know that I am missing something. Of course you can safely buy almost anything on Amazon. For me Amazon was an afterthought. 

Now for my family and I. Amazon is on the top of the list when we go to purchase something online. 

Amazon Shopping Just Got Better

Amazon is not resting on their online laurels. Oh no, they are realling pushing to gain even more market share. Ok let me try that again. That is the business man in me speaking. 

Amazon is working even harder to make their website a place where millions of customers love to shop. By offering them the best products and prices. 

But also making their lives easier. Amazon is doing this by ensuring that they cover all of the important basics of shopping and life. 

Saying hey Cedric. You don 't have to go anywhere else to shop. I have everything that you need and the best of it. 

The latest edition to Amazons online muscle. Is their ability to help us purchase groceries online and have them shipped to our home. 

They have upgraded their food delivery service by adding the ability to use EBT for your Amazon grocery order. Super fast delivery and new lower prices for their goods

This at a time when many people in America are suffering through economic hardships from the impact of the Corona Virus. 

Or simply trying to stay out of the the public as much as possible. Even from getting their groceries from the grocery store. 

So this move to lower grocery prices at Amazon is a welcome one for many. 

But hold on for a minute. Walmart just recently launched their own grocery delivery service. You might of seen one of their commercials. 

So before we pat Jeff Bezos and the Amazon crew on the back. Let 's also remember that Walmart is making a hard push for Amazon 's online supremacy in all sectors. 

But Walmart is specially positioned to unseat Amazon and steal some of it 's retail thunder because Walmart is known for it 's low prices and quality products already. 

Now they want to move their dominance to the online and app sector. Where their customers can purchase groceries and other retail items online. 

Having those products shipped to their home or curbside pickup. 

It is a huge operation for Walmart. So Amazon is making moves to counter Walmart's push for Online retail dominance and our consumer dollar. 

This is great for us right? Walmart is expected to keep their prices low and offer more and more services to unseat Amazon. Amazon is forced to lower it 's prices and make their deals even sweeter. 

The consumers win on this one!